Banquet Steward

Company:TheWit Hotel
Employee Type:Full-Time
Location:Chicago, IL
Job Type:Hospitality, Hotel/Resort
Experience:Not specified
Date Posted:03/14/2017
Properly cleans and sanitizes all dishes, glassware, utensils and pots, kitchen equipment, responsible for maintaining dish room and dish machine. Assists with cleaning other areas of the restaurant as requested.
Responsibilities will include:

SKILLS: I. Comprehensive understanding of the English language. 2. Ability to communicate effectively with co-workers and managers. 3. Good organization skills/Team player/Multitask. 4. Able to work in a high pressure environment RESPONSIBILITES: 1. Can operate dish machines to company and manufacturer specifications. 2. Uses proper measurements of detergent and sanitizer in the dish machine. 3. Restocks all dishes, glassware, utensils, pots, and pans. 4. Removes all garbage. 5. Breaks down, cleans, and sanitizes the dish machine at the end of a shift. 6. Keeps dish and other storage areas clean and organized. 7. Performs additional responsibilities, although not detailed, as requested by Executive Steward, Supervisor, Chef, Sous Chef, or Kitchen Manager at any time. 8. Maintain equipment kitchen (oven, fryers, flap top, grilles and stoves) clean 9. Maintain floor, walls, ceilings clean ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Knowledge of basic sanitary guidelines. 2. Knowledge of basic dish machine operations. 3. Knowledge of basic cleaning supplies and chemicals. 4. This position will spend 100% of the time standing. 5. Occasional environmental exposures to cold, heat, steam and water. 6. The individual must be able to transport up to 50 pounds (push/pull), on occasion and up to 35 pounds regularly. 7. Must be able to hear with 100% accuracy with correction. 8. Must be able to see 20/20 vision with correction. 9. Able to work : Holidays, weekends and any day/shift.