Company:TheWit Hotel
Employee Type:Part-Time
Location:Chicago, IL
Job Type:Hospitality, Restaurant
Experience:Not specified
Date Posted:02/20/2017
The primary role of a VIP Host is to drive revenue and attendance to ROOF. The host's role is unique in the sense that it is a synthesis of Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Service; not only do hosts focus on getting people to the venue, but they play a crucial role in the servicing of guests upon arrival, working closely with the operations team to ensure that the VIP experience is properly delivered to each and every guest.
Responsibilities will include:

SUMMARY: You'll need an ability to create a motivating work environment driving our Whatever It Takes attitude. The VIP Marketing Host will generate revenue through the development and servicing of relationships with existing and potential target guests. Responsible for the quality of service offered to patrons of ROOF and theWit Hotel. Facilitates all guest reservation requests promptly and without error. Responsible for reporting to all scheduled duties in a timely manner. Ensures guests are aware of events and supports the execution of them. Maintains high level of visibility throughout the facility. Build guest loyalty by exceeding all expectations in service and dependability. Collaborates with all departments to ensure total guest satisfaction. Responsibilities include, but are never limited to: ? Maintain a minimum of $3,000 in sales monthly from VIP table reservations, to which you will receive a 10% commission paid monthly (This is the sum of all table reservation sub-totals, all reservations must be submitted during off hours and incoming calls collected within venue or on ROOF phone will not count towards sales goals) ? Have a minimum of 25 guests checked in on the VIP guest list per week ? All VIP table reservations must be entered in to Seven Rooms including; the guests full name, cell number, and email address. Reservations without complete information will not be counted towards the minimum requirements and individual commissions will not be paid. ? Collect all data from night of reservations including detailed chit from Micros. If detailed receipt is not collected, reservations will not count towards minimums sales total and commissions will not be paid. ? All assigned data collection, marketing, and social media tasks must be completed per management's requests. ADDITIONAL RESPONSIBILITES: 1. Welcome each guest with a smile and a warm greeting. 2. Properly check id's ensuring all guests are proper age. 3. Have a working knowledge of the host stand, basic service functions, menu items and scripting for specific roles. 4. For all table reservations, escort the guest to their table or party. 5. Hand-deliver all credit cards and or id's to the proper Server after seating the guest. 6. Assist in seating the guest and wait for entire party to sit before leaving the table. 7. Ability to work as a team, stay organized, handle various projects at one time, lead others, delegate, follow up and make accurate decisions 8. Ability to handle a fast-paced, busy, and somewhat stressful environment, and work under pressure and meet deadlines 9. Answer phones and be prepared to answer any questions about the restaurant and hotel. 10. Communicate all pertinent information with management. 11. Abide by the handbook for additional responsibilities. 12. Regular and reliable attendance.